Volvo PV544 by Revell

Volvo PV544 by Revell

This model is one of a series of releases in 1:18th by Revell of Germany. Revell have carved themselves a niche in the market by making 1:18th's of European cars of the 1950's and 1960's, such as the Messerschmitt KR200, Isetta-BMW and the Borgward Isabella. All are very nice models and this Volvo is no exception.

Volvo launched the PV544 in 1958, but it wasn't an entirely new design. The PV544 was a development of the earlier PV444, which was originally launched in the 1940's. Differences included a one piece windscreen, bigger windows all round, a new interior with a padded dashboard and a collapsible steering wheel, and new lights. The engine was a four cylinder unit, which produced up to 95bhp in it's sportiest tune. Seatbelts were standard on all Volvo's (which was unusual for cars in the 1950's), although they are not represented on this model.

Many were exported to the United States, where the car was seen as a Swedish alternative to the VW Beetle. Volvo ended production of the PV544 in 1965, after producing over 200,000 cars.

This model has a good paint finish, and the general fit and finish of the model is good. It is not overpriced, and the engine bay and interior are nicely detailed. Included in the box are a number of alternative numberplates, German, Swedish and Swiss, among others. this is a nice touch and allows you to personalize the model to an extent. For now I've left the "plate" with the model name on the car. The doors and bonnet open, but the boot does not.

As I'm a fan of these Revell models, and as I feel this is a quality model in it's own right, I'm giving it high marks for a budget model.

Rear quarter view

Close up of front wheel

Engine detail



Overall: 6.5/10